31 May, 2010

June Project

I spoke too soon about the rain going away. It stormed today and I guess it is supposed to rain some more at the end of the week. I'm glad that June 1st is going to be sunny. I'll cross my fingers to not jynx Michigan. Tomorrow Bryan and I are going to Garden City to check out this vintage yellow bicycle I found on craigslist. I'm very excited.

All I've been wanting is a yellow vintage bicycle, and it even has the drop down handle bars. I just hope that it's the right size for me! I have failed to find a women's yellow bicycle, and so I'm probably going to get my back-up dream bicycle (which is a white bike with drop down handle bars). Cross your fingers and hold your breath for me! I want this yellow bicycle!

We're also going to an Indian restaurant in Canton, and the food is real Indian food. Well, that's what I was told. I don't know how it couldn't be real. I'm not much of a fan of Indian food because I feel there is too much going on to get a real sense of the flavour. Plus the smell of curry makes me nauseous. I like curry, but when it's overpowering with other spices, I get so close to fainting. No lie. He said that the food isn't drowning in sauce, and I should like it. Well, Bryan says that I should love Indian food in general because I'm a vegetarian. I'll let you know if I get sick.

I think I'm going to be taking my camera with me. I'm going to try this new photo project to inspire myself. Get my creative juices flowing. I got the idea from Maren of frl.zucker. I particularly liked her grey, white, and pastel set. The last time I was inspired photographing was when I went to the Meijer Gardens weeks ago. I hope this works.

Wish me luck! I hope tomorrow will be a good day. Also, Happy Memorial Day America. My family celebrated yesterday instead of today because of the rain storm. Both of my parents were in the military and my father is a veteran. I have mass amounts of respect for our soldiers. Not for the war, but for their service.

<3 J.Loo

P.S. Don't forget to check out my previous post/etsy shop. I went through the trouble of taking new photographs of the stock. I'm finally satisfied!

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  1. That is such a cute bike! Yellow bike is my dream bike too, I am always on the hunt! If I ever find one I am going to paint daisies all over it ;)
    Good luck champ!
    Hope it's a perfect fit