22 July, 2010

Thrift Finds

Monday was a rare day of it being sunny but not humid. It was a perfect day to ride my bicycle, and you know what I did? I did ride my bicycle. I rode to the post office, around town, and to the Salvation Army. Good thing I went to the post office first. I made out like a bandit.

In the past I've always had good experiences when visiting a thrift store/charity shop on a Monday. I found so much, and I had to deal with transporting it back to my apartment on my bicycle. Unfortunately I still don't have the rear basket(s) on Ole Clem to hold some of my treasures, but I suppose it made for a better work out even though it felt like forever to get home.

I managed to find some things for myself and some stuff for crafts. I had a full backpack and a suitcase strapped over my shoulders filled with STUFF. Here are a few of my absolute favourite finds:

This was priced at $4, but there was some unfortunate accident before I found it causing the glass to break. There was a big pile on the ground and one piece of glass with the price tag on this embroidered/cross stitched piece. The guy at the register gave it to me for 99¢!

This dress was marked at $6, but it had some nasty holes towards the bottom of the dress. I worked my magic and got it for 99¢! I was going to shorten it anyways, so whatever I cut off I can make a belt since it was missing one.

This is a Japanese floral dress. I say Japanese because I couldn't read the tag, and, uh maybe because it also said "100% Cotton Made in Japan" on the fabric. It's definitely a home made dress and it is beautifully made. It's a crying shame that I plan to shorten, but it's just too long for me.

This is probably my favouritest of my favourites of thrifting experience on Monday. Blue whales are one of my favourite animals, and these are blue whales. Blue as in the colour and the species. I love collecting ceramic animal statues. These two sit on my record player.

I did find a suitcase in shape of a cat, which I purchased for my sister. What else did I get? Oh, picture frames, a vintage thermos, milk jug, and Italian coffee pot, and some more dresses (but not for me).

I swear by it. Mondays are the best days for thrifting!

<3 Jenni


  1. i love those whales! so adorable.

    xo Alison

  2. you found some great stuff! that floral dress is so pretty!