04 August, 2010

taking a break

Molly, my dog of 15 years, has been put down today. Her kidneys and system were failing, she couldn't eat nor hold food down. She hugged onto the floor because she could no longer stand, and to move around she had to shimmy her body. The last I had seen her, which was weeks ago, she had seemed to be in okay condition. I feel so guilty for all the pain she has been suffering from. She had lost so much weight that touching her entire skeleton brought me to tears.

My sister and I slept with her in the living room. I didn't get a wink of sleep for I was constantly taking care of Molly, and plus Berkley could not settle down. I can't imagine what's going through his mind, but I could tell that he knew that Molly was dying. He laid down next to me and Molly. Golden Retrievers are a happy breed, but I think he knows that today is a sad day.

All I can do is distract myself, but I haven't found the right activity yet. I do need to finish packing, but that can't happen until I go back to my apartment in Ann Arbor. That's another emotional event happening for me. I wasn't going to move back home until next week, but because of Molly's health I decided the time was now.

I'm taking a break for a while from all of this blogging and perhaps crafting. Hopefully my next post will be a tutorial to make a cute little upcycled treasure.

Goodbye Molly. You were the best dog and friend I could ever ask for.

<3 Jenni


  1. jenni, words can't express how sorry i am for you right now. i don't know if the sadness will ever go away, but i hope you can get through this tough time just thinking about lots of happy loveable memories with molly. i hope berkley doesn't get too sad.....

  2. Ror every tear that falls from your eyes is a hug from us to you... Love Aunt Julie and Baxter...xoxoxox

  3. o im so sorry! you deserve a break most definitely. losing a puppy friend is very hard
    :( they are so special. i hope that you are feeling as good as you can and come back soon.hugs

  4. :( I'm sorry Jenni! If you need a Kathy-visit LET ME KNOW! It wouldn't be able to happen this coming week but maybe next week! <3