26 August, 2010

West Coast

In about 8-ish hours I will be on my way flying to Seattle to visit my best friend, Bryan. I am quite excited. I have never visited the West Coast (only made it as far as Arkansas) nor have I flown by myself. I am a bit nervous traveling by myself.

Sure, last month I took the train to Kalamazoo, but it's in Michigan. I'm nervous about getting lost in the airports, and missing my flights. When I land in Washington I have to take a train (or is it monorail?) to get to the city to meet Bryan.

I won't be back to Detroit until Monday night. I'm pretty sure that this will be a good holiday for me. I need distraction, plus one more adventure before I go back to school/work. I'll be sure to force Bryan to take me to the touristy spots, and I will be taking a shit-ton of photos. He might even take me to Portland! After three summers in a row that Bryan works for Amazon.com I finally get to visit him. Hopefully after this trip I'll get the chance to visit him again, considering that he doesn't live in Michigan anymore and I don't get to see his adorable nerd face.

I really should get to bed and get some rest, especially considering that I can never seem to fall asleep on planes. I'm going to be on edge. I hate plane take-offs, sitting next to strangers, and not being able to hear a single thing on account of my ears wanting to pop.

I'll post photos when I get back from my trip.

"West Coast" Coconut Records

<3 Jenni

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  1. I absolutely love the rain and have always picture Chicago as this lovely rainy town :) I would adore going there one day.