22 September, 2010

Seattle, WA: Day One

Here are the photos I've been delaying to share.

Just before leaving the airport and waiting for the Link Light Rail to take me to downtown Seattle. This train was so clean. It made me wish that Michigan had a system like this.

Riding the light link rail to downtown Seattle. I was so impressed with the mountains and trees. Michigan is sooooo flat.

Waiting for dinner at Boom Noodle.

Cucumber lemonade. It basically tastes like liquid cucumber. It's different, but really refreshing.

On the way back from dinner we went to a giant charity shop. We both ended up purchasing five books each (buy four get one free!), and I regret not buying this sign. I think Bryan was a little ashamed holding this up. I thought it was hilarious

Day two photos coming up!

<3 Jenni

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