12 October, 2010

Day Twelve: Set a goal

I'm creating a short term goal that I can achieve by next Monday. That goal will be to get four photography assignments done.

1. Have fingers to be the main subject - 11 photos
2. Reshoot my joiner assignment & make it more interesting than previous attempt - 100ish photos
3. Shoot the first half of my fashion/portrait assignment
4. Shoot one roll of half colour as the subject and half lack of colour with colour slide/ e-6 film

Good goal, yes? I know I can do it.

<3 Jenni

Day One: Introduce yourself. List your likes and dislikes.
Day Two: Make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day.
Day Three: Share your favorite quote/song lyric.
Day Four: Smile! We want to see your teeth today. Post a self-portrait.
Day Five: Share your favorite recipe.
Day Six: Time to face morph: Pick one of the categories.
Day Seven: Provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes.
Day Eight: Create a bucket list, whether or not your aspirations are rational.
Day Nine: Describe your food consumption today.
Day Ten: Share one of your current favorite tunes.
Day Eleven: List some of your favorite tumblrs.
Day Twelve: Set a goal.
Day Thirteen: Provide the HEX code(s) of your favorite color(s).
Day Fourteen: Post a Youtube video that makes you laugh/inspires you.
Day Fifteen: This is the last day and you are an owl. Place your hands like this over your eyes and take a picture

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