05 January, 2011

11 Resolutions for 2011

1. Blog more + make blog look pretty
2. Eat healthy (and exercise more!) instead of opting for the quick, easy, not fresh, + slightly unhealthy - learn more vegan recipes
3. Continue working on resume/portfolio
4. Stay more organized + try to keep bedroom/studio clean longer than a week at a time
5. Write more snail mail to friends
6. Buckle down & be more serious with etsy shops
7. Be more experimental with personal style + don't let parents' negative comments get me down
8. Be a little more extroverted vs. introverted
9. Keep being honest with myself
10. Be less lazy + keep exploring as an artist/crafter/photographer and try new mediums like journaling to prevent art blocks
11. Get Berkley to properly walk on a leash <-- still determined to get this done!

xo Jenni

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