03 February, 2011

My First Etsy Purchase!

I took the plunge and I finally bought something on etsy. Instead of writing a pageful of how satisfied I was with this order (because I know it probably wouldn't be coherent) I made a video. I mostly did the video for the artist that I bought the painting from. I wanted her to see my sincerity rather than read it. Speaking of her, her name is Audrey Malo, and here's the video:

Etsy Appreciation: Audrey Malo from Jenni Waterloo on Vimeo.

If you couldn't tell from my blubbering, this painting is supposed to be in memorial of my dog Molly. I'm still healing, and most days I think I'm okay, but when I've had a hard day or when I'm feeling especially lonely I really miss having her by my side. Now that I have this painting I can always see her hanging up on my wall whenever I sew, paint, and craft.

Here's a close up!

Thank you again, Audrey!

Love, Jenni Loo

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