07 March, 2011


Have you seen those white vinyl dolls that can be customized? I'm amazed with what people can do with them. It's one thing to see photos of finished ones, but it's even better to see the works of art in person. But do you know what's even better than that? Seeing a video of the creative process and the effort it takes to customize one of these creatures.

Here's a video of a Yoka being shaped into something really beautiful, and you can tell how meaningful it is to the artist & the client that it was created for. True passion fueled this artist to create this lovely bear. The Yoka Toy is named "Xiong Mao Bao Bao", which means panda baby in Mandarin Chinese.

I think the finished product is absolutely wonderful, and now my curiosity is gone. I have some understanding of how it can more than just be a layer of paint. It never struck me that clay can be used to add on. This video is pretty inspiring, and I would like to try to make one. I know it could never be as this exciting, but maybe one day I'll actually buy a Munny from work. I'm thinking the Trikky, because I just love kitties.

Has anybody ever customized a vinyl toy or have a one created by someone else? This looks like a fun project!

xo Jenni

P.S. Happy Birthday Papa! I know you're not going to see this, but in spirit of it I know you know that I know that you are old. :)

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  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and watched this video. Absolutely amazing! Love your blog too!