02 May, 2011

Happy May, Ev'rbody!

I hope everyone has a great May, because it's May now! Right? Right! Yeah, oh and by the way, my birthday was fun! It was filled with pretty much everything I said I wanted to happen except the trip the zoo, bowling alley, movie theatre, and tattoo parlour. Probably a good thing that I didn't do those things. I have to save money if I want to move on with my life... like move out into my own place again, you know?

Here's one of the few photos taken of me on my 18+4 birthday:

Not a very good image via cell phone, but that's okay.

In other news the winter semester is finally over. I'm done with spending some time in the digital and film lab. Though the spring/summer semester starts next week and I'll be back in the lab, but maybe this time I won't wait until the last minute to make prints. I do need to work on my portfolio if I expect to transfer to College of Creative Studies in the fall.

much love,
Jenni Loo

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