19 October, 2009

a fresh new start

It's the last quarter of the year and I am ready to start a new habit or resolution now instead of waiting for the new year. I need something to fill my time as I battle boredom at home, and starting a new blog seems like a good idea.

Hello interweb, I go by the alias J.Loo and I am a young soul that loves to create, find, and share. For now I reside in the Mitten of the Midwest, and I take the days as it is as they go. I'm a friendly person that can be a little too nice, but I'm a quiet one at that. It's a constant struggle to voice my huge imagination, but I can (or attempt to) visually show to the world. All I want to do is play some part in making the world a better place and I hope to inspire many that have a patient ear and open mind.

My plan for this blog is to share ideas and treasures that are apart from me. I don't want to make this completely about me, because soon enough I will abandon this blog (like my last one). It's autumn and lots of things have changed in my life (other than the leaves). So I am turning over a new leaf (pun intended) and I'm getting started.

<3 J.Loo


  1. sometimes it's good to start all over, but if i did that every time i felt like it i'd have a new blog each week, haha. i'm looking forward your new blog entries!

  2. Hello and welcome to blogs ^^
    I'm constantly turning over the leaf on my blog and just trying to update it with my little projects. So I look forward to being inspired by yours and your blog ^^
    With love x