21 October, 2009

what I did yesterday

So for the past couple weeks I've been really into autumn and the idea of Halloween coming up. I decided to help decorate my parents' house (and secretly someone else's home) for the upcoming holiday. I've embroidered a couple of "spooky" characters and I've even made a banner inspiration via birthday banner I made for my dog's birthday.

I was aiming for cute over scary for mi madre's taste. At first I didn't think she would like what I was doing for her and would think I was silly for doing it, but yesterday when I hung up the banner above the TV in the living room and showed her the completed embroidery people she liked it.

Halloween Banner on the buck-naked wall behind the TV:

Happy Halloween banner

Here's pumpkin girl in the little alcove in the living room:

Pumpkin Girl displayed

And bat boy on mi madre's baker's rack:

Bat Boy displayed

If you do not recognize the style of the patterns, they are by Andrea Zuill of Badbird. She sells some of the cutest artwork and embroidery patterns. Best part is that you can take advantage of owning some free patterns that she gifts to the world monthly!

So if you haven't already moseyed to her etsy shop, then you should soon. You can find the free patterns at her blog or at the Flickr group Badbird Patterns.

Anywho, now that I'm done with decorating my family's house and soon to be mystery person's home I can work on some other projects that I've been too lazy to start. Right now I'm working on this mystery piece. I don't think a lot of people will know or get it. I've only told a couple people about it, but even they don't really see it (at least until it's done). Here's a hint - it's music related.

Secret w.i.p.

<3 J.Loo


  1. i had nver heard of badbird's before, thank you for enlightening me! your pieces are beautiful!

  2. See I thought it was going to be the bearded lady but when you say music Im out of guesses.
    Lovely halloween cuteness ^^

  3. @Stina - Thank you, but I think the credit should probably go to Andrea. She makes the design, I just add texture with the thread.

    @Miso - Bearded lady? Hehe, weeeellll that's SORT OF on the right track. :}