09 November, 2009

Granny Square Crazy

As mentioned in other posts that I've been really into crocheting. I've been making a bunch of granny squares the past few days. I made six yesterday! I don't know what it is, but it's really comforting, memorizing, and exciting. I have nine squares now, and I probably need like 100 more to make my blanket! This is definitely a great opportunity to use up my giant bag of yarn that I got at Goodwill forever and a day ago.

I plan the colour scheme as I go. Yesterday my dad kept calling them pot holders and that he thought the colours I chose were pretty random/weird. I know the colour wheel/theory, so I know what I'm doing. Those design/art classes will pay off!

This was my first granny square that I made last week:

After looking at more photos of crochet ideas, I added another couple rows. I love the melon with it.

Here are the completed nine that I currently have:

When I've completed them all, I'm using white yarn to keep them all together/edging. I think it's going to be ├╝ber cute!

What do you think?

<3 J.Loo

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