20 January, 2010

A Li'L Inspiration

Since Christmas I have been using my new sewing machine sparingly. I REALLY love using it, but the problem is that I do not know what to sew. There are so many new materials and tools that I want to buy, but money is super tight for me right now. The Joann Fabrics and Michaels ads tempt me so. Everything is super cheap right now, and if not I can use a coupon. Even so, I cannot shop. I would want to get everything in one visit! Even thrifting I'm not allowed to do. Pretty much all of my bedroom decor and wardrobe is thrifted. I even get some of craft supplies at the Salvation Army in Flint/Ann Arbor. If it's not a need, I can't buy it. Sigh.

What I'm trying to do is use up what I currently have and HOPE that my next paycheck is going to be a big one. Oh, and to sell something on etsy. I don't have many ideas of what to do with my fabric, and with the fabric I do have I don't have the rest of the materials. So what I'm getting at is that I've been looking at a lot of photographs for inspiration. Clothes/fashion. Craft spaces. Home accessories.

by wikstenmade

This dress is from the pattern Built By Wendy 3964 that I wish to have. I already have BBW 3835 that needs to be worked on.

liebemarlene has the prettiest ensembles and photographs -- it inspires me to thrift and attempt to make some of the skirts she wears.

Even this embroidered dress is pretty!

I would love to find something like this at a thrift store. All I've found was two oversized sweatshirts, one with two giant kittehs on it and the other is the map of Michigan.

I adore this "Gretel" button down skirt by Dainty June. Their Fall/Holiday 2009 collection is too stinkin' adorable, feminine, and fun. I would love to make my own version of this. I would gladly buy this and support their business, but for a girl with no money, I think I could thrift a skirt and customize a version of this.

Also, Dainty June's "The Little Lamb" summer dress. The winter in Michigan has been pretty mild, and so it's got me thinking of summer already.

I really admire Yokoo's style, work, and success (I wish I didn't have to worry about a day job). I especially like this photograph because it reminds me of the cowl scarf that I just finished crocheting an hour ago.

I really want to crochet another blanket. I have the pattern in mind, but I don't have the yarns I want/need!

I also need to get to gettin' with my first quilt. I have a lot of fabric to use up, but I don't know what kind of quilt I want to make, plus none of my fabrics really work together. Sigh.

11. tufted
I just love everything in this room. I have the fabric that the curtains are made of, and funny that they are curtains when I plan to make curtains with the stash that I have.

Okay, how many more adorable dresses can I find that I really want to make? I just simply adore Zooey Deschanel and I'm going to make a couple dresses she owns as soon as I figure them out. This looks easy, right?

I wish I had more space for my craft supplies/tools, and a peg board. How awesome is this space?

I think I found enough photographs to make me really want to sew...even though I do not have all of the materials. I think I just made it worse? Oh bother.

<3 J.Loo

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