13 January, 2010

"Oh It's Such a Shame"

Something completely different from crafting, and something rather sad... One of my favourite bands/musicians that I really enjoy listening to has died. When I heard that Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. A.K.A. Jay Reatard died, I thought "What? Okay, I know the band thing might be done and over with, but not Jay." But when I was able to get on the computer to look it up, I learned it was true. I'm upset by it, but more angry about it than anything.

Jay Reatard was 29 years old and he died in his sleep. A young guy. How can something like this happen? Yeah, drugs and alcohol could factor in his death, but to me he didn't seem like a guy into doing drugs. Well, maybe he is. I don't know the guy and I've never seen him or his band perform. His friends say that he was experiencing something like the flu. I've had two chances to see him, and for whatever reason I didn't go, I will never get to experience what I imagine would be a fun and wild time.

I'm listening to "Always Wanting More" as I type this, and I am wanting more. Jay Reatard was something I listened to in my car, especially when I have to commute back and forth from work. It was something to take my mind off the long boring ride. I know I certainly abused my iPod over the summer listening to it, and getting constantly stuck in traffic on the way to Ann Arbor. I always zoned out during the oh-so catchy guitar solos finding myself wishing that I could do what he did.

I haven't cried about it, but I just feel completely and utterly weird about it. I know some of my friends don't listen to his music, and I might look like a person that isn't into this genre of music, but I feel his melodies and lyrics are smart. I mean, it makes me move and it inspires me to get back to playing the guitar. I don't know when I will pick up old Betty and rock her, but now I can't really look forward to more tuneage fun from Jay Reatard.

Waiting For Something - a short documentary about Jay Reatard

Jay Reatard | MySpace Music Videos

All I can do now is continue listening to the music and imagine that I'm there.
Jay Reatard

<3 J.Loo

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