06 January, 2010

Wow, is it a new year already? Where has the time gone? Probably somewhere across the world where it's warm and snow doesn't exist.

Anywho, I've been very busy crocheting my blanket. AND the news is that it's done! Huzzah.



So, 80 squares total! 36 different colours used -- including white. And it only took me about two months to make it! Is that a record/good?

Now that this project is done I can now start using the new sewing machine I got for Christmas. Double huzzah.

I hope everyone had a splendid holiday break and a killer time ringin' in the new year.

<3 J.Loo


  1. oh wow, it looks great! i'm very impressed! my goal for this year is to make one myself but i'm a bit scared, it's such a huuuuge project.

    and also, what a cute dress!

  2. Oh thank you :]

    What style of a blanket did you want to make? Before I started learning how to make granny squares I was really intimidated by the idea of it. I think the only thing that really pushed me to do it was the success I had when I crocheted a winter hat. From that success I felt really confident. I took baby steps when I first started the blanket, then after that it really started rolling.

    I believe that you can do it!