11 February, 2010

Take That, Dodge Charger Commercial!

Okay, so the Super Bowl came and went. Millions of viewers watched, and yes I even watched it (because I was not allowed to change the channel). In all honesty, I wanted to watch the Puppy Bowl because it is so much *beeping* better than seeing a bunch of over-muscled dudes man handle each other.

Surely, there are some people that disagree with what I think of the game it being boring, and the commercials were pretty ridiculous in a not-so-good way. Oh, and the half time show... Well, I was pretty amused with the pretty light show and The Who. But my point, I don't think it was a very good Super Bowl. I don't watch it every year, and I've seen better. I don't care about that last questionable touch down of the game and whether or not the player had long enough possession to make the win. Yeah yeah, my point is made that I didn't like the Super Bowl game, but the commercials... some were funny. I particularly like these two:

But the rest were just... How do I say? Um, I'll say some were pointless. Oh, and that some were offensive/sexist. There was a common theme with a few of the commercials that were supposed to make you feel sorry for the men in them. Was it just an accident that women happen to be insulted? Or, for that matter, even men? The commercial that really stuck with me was the Dodge Charger commercial that didn't even have anything to do with the automobile. Completely out of touch.

Was it supposed to be funny and make guys thinks "Hah, THAT'S SO TRUE!"? I understand the message with the commercial was that guys have to "put up" with women's actions and in the end he's rewarded with a joyride. Not ALL men feel this way. Not ALL women are this way as they were portrayed.

Though with this completely awful commercial, I'm glad that some women did something about it. Here is a parody of the Dodge Charger commercial, but with women this time. How does this make men/women/humans feel?

Now, I really am not in a mood to have a big debate about sexism and/or if women are blowing the commercial's message out of proportion. If you're going to commend Feminism, then awesome but if you want to be negative please go elsewhere. I have dealt with a lot of misogynists in the past, and right now in this time of a little before midnight I do not want to discuss.

Goodnight, and I hope that you enjoyed the parody and/or it made you think.

<3 J.Loo

P.S. Paul Blart? Really?

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