31 March, 2010

Birthday Bash Plans?

My tweenteen-first birthday is in twenty-one days. Okay, technically twenty days and thirty-ish minutes. I don't really have any clues or ideas of how to celebrate. I know I mentioned bowling, and that still seems like fun. I would like to have a party instead of hanging out at a bar.

Can anyone lend me any ideas? I'm pretty sure I can't have the party at my parents' house. A theme would be fun, but totally not necessary.

I think a party like this photo would be great. Yay or nay?

(I really wish I knew who took this fun photograph.)

<3 J.Loo

P.S. I really encourage everyone to read my previous post. It might get you thinkin'.


  1. Cowboy VS Indian party?! That would be cool. I think for my birthday I'm just doing the bar thing, seeing as I live with my mom in a Condo a huge party really isn't on the agenda. Especially since my birthday is on a Tuesday.... haha. Let me know if you get some awesome ideas!!!

  2. Well, I meant just the fun of the photo. A bunch of colour and junk. Maybe not. I think I planned out my birthday outfit, and it's pretty dang epic. My birthday lands on a Wednesday which isn't much better than Tuesday.

    Wouldn't it be better if our birthdays were over the weekend? I have no venue/ideas for my day. Where do you think you're going to have your fun? Flint?