05 April, 2010

Monday, Monday

Oh Monday, I will make the best of you, for once. Today my friend Alycia is visiting me and we're going to a thrift store then have a craft "picnic" in my backyard. It's a lovely day today, and I will certainly enjoy all of it before it starts storming the rest of the week.

Here's "Monday, Monday" by The Mamas & The Papas if you care to listen/watch.

Easter was quite nice yesterday. My Easter basket will filled with jellybeans and peanut butter cups! Plus, I also received the movie Where The Wild Things Are and I'm so glad that I finally saw it! Just a few days ago I finished reading The Wild Things by Dave Eggers and it was lovely. Also a Waterloo Records t-shirt from when my aunt visited Texas over Christmas/New Years. The family and I had an Italian dinner instead of the traditional ham meal. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter or as some people like to call it Zombie Jesus Day.

<3 J.Loo

P.S. I should mention that I did change the url of this blog. It's a lot shorter and easier to type! So, if you haven't already, you might need to update the link.

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