23 March, 2010

Spring Fashions, I Long to Wear Thee

It's a little sunnier and a little nicer in the Mitten and I am so so so so ready for skirts/dresses, less layers, and lighter coats. Not too long ago I made a trip to Joann Fabrics to stock up on fabric to finally tackle a few patterns I've acquired in the past. I've made two skirts last week and I have a couple more I've made months ago. Next is a Built By Wendy dress and then a Built By Wendy tunic. I started the skirts to keep me motivated while sewing. Start out easy, makes sense right?

I have a feeling that this Spring is going to be good (despite my allergies). My wardrobe will be updated (with more dresses that I already have enough of), my Winter Blues will be gone, the weather will be warmer, and I'm a soon-to-be 21 year old that will be able to go out more. Pretty dang exciting. I'm just so excited for a little warmer weather and wearing dresses. Check out these bad boys girls that I adore:

Vintage 1970s Mint Day Dress from Thrush Vintage

Vintage Rayon Pastel Floral Sleeveless Shirtdress from mellowdayss -- I'm not a huge fan of floral prints, but what I love about this is the colours and for the fact that this is a floral print that doesn't scream out floral print. Do you know what I mean?

(currently out of stock but still lovely!) Savenger Hunt Dress from ModCloth

Alexa Chung for Madewell -- perfect for those cooler/windy days

Vintage 1970's strappy sandals size 6 1/2 from Thrush Vintage -- They are sold out, but I think they are just so cute and simple. Plus they would fit me just right, well, they are slightly too big for me. I guess I'll have to settle looking for a similar pair.

Repurposed Tulip Floral Print Sundress from SalvagedThreads -- By the looks of this adorable dress I don't know if I would be able to fit in it with my ladybits. The measurements say otherwise, but I don't know if I could suck it in without looking silly. It's meant to be for some teenier girl than I. It's still inspiring though.

Spring/Summer 2010 striped Shirt darkblue from eleanorrot -- I like open back tops, but I'm one of those modest kind of girls and I think this is appropriately the best of both worlds.

The Nautical Wheat Dress from jessjamesjake -- I believe the colour may wash out with my pale skin, but I am just in love with the neckline and the silhouette of this simple dress.

Floral Cotton Shorts from daileedose -- I know for a fact that I can't get away wearing a pair of these in public with my hips and on the larger side bum, but they are just so darling, and I think they would be comfy/great to wear around the house.

Olga blouse in organic cotton from FloremarkShop -- I've always had a thing for Peter Pan colars, and I think this blouse is just darlin' with the rick-rack and buttons. I could wear Peter Pan tops every day.

I hope this has helped spark some ideas for your Spring wardrobe.

<3 J.Loo


  1. Loveliest blog feature! Thanks so much for sharing. xo

  2. I love this post! I have been slowly updating my spring wardrobe too. I am just so excited for the warmer months, and I can't wait to wear cute vintage dresses, lots of floral prints, and pastels! :)

    Thank you so much for including my shorts on your lovely blog!!


  3. Super cute! I love spring clothes!