25 April, 2010

21 Years, I Finally Am

I've been going on about it, and I can't leave you hanging! Here are some photos from my 21st birthday!

I did go bowling at the Garden Bowl, which is below the Magic Stick in Detroit. I did have my first legal beverage there. Two more marked off my 21 Things list. Not a lot of people showed up to celebrate, but I'm happy that four of my friends could get away from end of semester school work to drive down to Detroit for me. Everyone was trying to get me drunk, but I'm just too responsible of a drinker. I can't help it that I naturally pace myself! Plus I had a full belly of dinner and it was difficult for me to keep up without exploding.

Here's my birthday suit! I got some smack from my parents for this outfit, as usual.

"I know it's your birthday, but you don't have to get fancy," said papa. "I can't believe you're my daughter."

Yeah, kind of hurtful, but birthday or not I can dress anyway fun way I want. I got compliments and I got hit on too, gosh darnit!

The lanes we bowled on, before we started bowling. The Garden Bowl is the oldest bowling alley in Michigan - built in 1913. I don't know if I will bowl here again for glow bowling. It was pretty difficult to see the arrows on the lane and just in general. The Garden Bowl is pretty cool, I suppose. It was pretty intimate and it played some good rock 'n' roll.

Had to share a terrible picture. It seems like a little fun, but if only the lighting in the place was just like this picture.

My mom thought I should have brought jeans to change into because she thought my pink caboose would be flashing the world. HAH, showed you mother! Here I'm bowling for my friend Alycia.

My (finished) second alcoholic beverage of the night - a whisky ginger. I didn't pick my own drinks (because I'm not that knowledgeable about that) and took everything that was handed to me. My first drink of the night was a shot of kamikaze (it was the bartender's suggestion) and I think it was actually two shots in one cup. I'm just thinking of what actually fits in a shot glass and what I saw in the clear plastic cup. I'm betting he gave me a two for one since it was my birthday. I also had a pint of beer. The beer lasted a while because I was really full from dinner, the previous drinks, and the larger than normal cupcake.

My Wonder Woman cupcakes! I wanted to get some vegan cupcakes from the Cupcake Station, but my papa offered to buy the cakes (for family and my friends), so I chose from the grocery store that he took me to. These were the ONLY awesome baby cakes there. Everyone got their own ring, and I'm wearing mine as I type.

This is me trying to recover from the mini embarrassing fiasco I experienced. I was about to bowl, but the ball slipped from my fingers when I was swinging. This usually happens at least once whenever I bowl. I can never seem to find the right size ball for my hand. I think I vaguely remember hearing laughter and clapping from everyone (including strangers).

After bowling everyone left except Bryan and I. We went upstairs to the Magic Stick to watch the Second Annual Rock Lottery. Basically what it is that a bunch of people from different bands are randomly put together to make new bands and they performed two songs each. There were a lot of new bands and there were two stages set up for them to make the transition between sets faster. I couldn't handle all the cigarette smoke any longer (irritating my allergies) so Bryan and I went to a 24hour Greek diner to eat. I didn't really need to eat considering I was full with pizza, salad, cupcake, and alcohol. The diner was packed, the service was terrible and slow, and my strawberry milkshake was less than mediocre (though my jalepeno poppers were good!) but I was just happy to spend some alone time with Bryan. I got home around 1 or 2 in the morning. It was a great end to my night.

Last night I went to a show at a Frat House in Flint. That was fun and pretty crazy. I caught up with old friends from high school, met a bunch of new people, and got hit on a couple times. I didn't get home until 3 in the morning. I hope that there isn't a trend forming. I'm sure it's hard for my parents to grasp that their first born is now a legal drinking, voting, lotto ticket buying big girl. Ah well. Later today or perhaps tomorrow I'm going to share an easy tutorial!

<3 J.Loo

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