12 April, 2010

Etsy Outfit

I was going over my favourites on etsy, and I noticed that with some of the clothing on the list could make a complete outfit. Now, what I'm going to share one of the which is already sold, but that doesn't mean that I have to stop favourite-ing it (among other sold pieces of clothing). If I could make an outfit, this is how it would look.

Braided Maiden Headband/Earwarmers in Mint from YesJess

Organic Cotton Sailor Long Sleeve Top from econica

Brown 1970s High Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants from Love Charles Vintage
(by the way, this is my best friend modeling these pants)

Vintage Etienne Aigner Oxford Flats from OfficerSweetheart (sold)

Embellished Bag - Bow from showpony

It's kind of sailor-esque, huh? I figure this outfit is good for a sunny day that's 65°F or so. If you're wondering about the mint and red stripe, check out a colour wheel or try inverting red in a photo/art editing program. Green is actually the opposite of red, and so it makes it quite complementary, also if mixed together (like paint) they make brown!

Earlier today I managed to go to the Salvation Army in Ann Arbor. I believe I haven't been able to shop there since late October early November. I always find the best stuff there (other than the one in Flint). I'll photograph my findings and share them with you tomorrow.

<3 J.Loo


  1. looks wonderful! thank you so much! xoxo Natallia E C O N I C A

  2. Great post, I love everything here! I've actually had my eye on that bag for awhile now too, it's adorable, and I love a great basic tote. Thank you so much for including my vintage flats!