04 May, 2010

Women in Illustration

So pretty much everyday when I have my chance to catch up with the world news and email, I always make an effort to look at new art to get updated on up and coming artists. I check out flickr and random art blogs, and there are a select few women illustrators that just really inspire me and make me wish that I was better at drawing.

I can do still lifes and doodles (granted I haven't done it quite some time), but actually sit down, illustrate my thoughts, and be happy with the result is not easy for me. I look at these women with such diverse styles of drawing and painting (physically painting and Adobe Illustrator) and I wish that I could do what they do. Of course they are probably properly trained artists, and I've only taken a few college drawing classes

Aurélie Grand

Jason Schwartzman

The Monkees

Gemma Correll


Don't Look Tiddles

Rosie Music

Happy Together


Emily Martin

The Illustrated Girl

Two of a Kind

Audrey Malo


The Black Moor Fish Curse

Brigette B.

Tattooed Lady

The Teapot and The Pigeon

Meg Hunt

Wild Rumpus

The return of the White Rabbit

Aurélie Guillerey

L'enfant aux cheveux d'or

Mémoires d'une jeune fille rangée Simone de Beauvoir

Flora Chang


Mr. Fluffy

Charmaine Olivia


A Deer Wearing Gym Socks

Aren't these illustrations amazing? If you click each photo, it'll lead you to either their etsy shop, flickr, or blog. I think I picked these to be my favourites out of everyone's portfolio because of use of colour, content, and lines. I know that's silly to say lines, but I guess I'm just attracted to the style. Collectively they seem to have that in common with the use of line, sense of whimsy, and each piece seems to have a sense of innocence. They make me feel like a kid and I admire anything that reminds me that I'm a child-at-heart.

Are there any female artists that you admire? I'd love to expand my favourites and knowledge in art.

<3 J.Loo