07 May, 2010

It's been stormy off and on today, so I decided to hide from the bipolar weather under my blanket fort. It consists of my big, warm, blue blanket covering my body and, Waverly, my laptop. I have a few essentials near my fort, like a glass of juice within arm's reach, my cellphone to keep in touch with the outside world, and my camera filled with floral pictures that were taken yesterday in which are waiting to be edited. To keep up with the mood, I'm listening to anything with the musical stylings of Karen O (more specifically the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack and It's Blitz).

I'm also checking out items on etsy that I wish I could add to my blanket fort. On the outside my fort may look like a giant blanket covering everything on my bed, but on the inside it's a forest trying to dry up from the recent rain fall. Here's everything I see in my forest.

The Toadstool's Secret Home For Your Terrarium by Doodle Birdie - it looks like a teeny mouse lives in the toadstool.

Bon Bon the Blushing Woodland Squirrel Plush by sleepyking - something tells me that she would make a really sweet friend

Flourish Necklace by Sparkle Peach - I bet these birds are making a new dry nest.

Rebel Hedgehog by littleoddforest - I'm in need for more colourful friends.

Stumpie Seat by littleoddforest - a place to sit for a powwow, maybe?

Monty the Fox by Sara Carr - red foxes are one of my favourites and no forest is complete without one.

Miniature Fox Needle Felted Figure by Little Elf's Toy Shop - Did I mention that I love red foxes? I'll keep this guy in my pocket, safe from the rain.

Little Bunny Sculpture and Tiny Fruit Nook by pretty random objects - I wish I had a little nook.

Floating Branch Large Antiqued Green Leafy Branch Hair Comb by SweetPCrafters - a forest needs plenty of leafy branches that are perfect for making shelter.

Wee Rainbow Twig Pencil Set w/ Acorn Pouch by Wee Waldorf - I'll need something to do with my animal friends while we wait for the rain to dry off.

Nest No.2 by Fort - perfect enough for holding acorns, leaves, and seeds.

Sleepy Owl by Pouch - a forest needs at least one wise owl, sleepy or not.

Nuts About You by Something's Hiding Here - an acorn for everyone to snack on or plant.

Beetles and Weevils Collection No. 1 by Golly Bard - some critters to fill up some of the emptiness.

Four Season Forest Wall Decal by Wow Wall - of course there has to be trees in a forest! ALL seasons at once!

Well, I hope that some of these etsy finds inspire you to have your own fort, forest, or getaway. Below is some music I felt suited this rainy day feeling.

"Soft Shock (acoustic)" Yeah Yeah Yeahs

<3 Jenni Loo


  1. Oh my goodness, I see so many things I want! I love that mushroom house, it's just too cute. I actually have a terrarium by Doodle Birdie and love it to bits. She's a wonderful seller and very nice. ^_^ That little bunny and apple sculpture is too cute as well. ^_^

    Thank you so much for featuring my little fox, I'm very glad you like him. ^_^

    Best wishes,
    Kelley the Little Elf

  2. Thank you so much for including my painting with all of these lovely finds!

  3. I loe your selection!!! Thanks for including my twig pencils too.