18 June, 2010

I went through Hell

I took Bryan on a surprise trip to Hell on Sunday. After that visit he then decided to take me to Waterloo, and we went to Chelsea next. All three towns are teeny.

It was a trip with a secret destination. The weekend of the trip he kept asking where I had planned on taking him. I told him that it was a place neither of us have gone to before. The morning of the trip Bryan sold his soul to me for free. Boy, was he foolish for that. As I drove us to Hell, Bryan kept guessing the final destination. He then figured it was Heaven, because we clearly haven't been there before. When he said that it was so hard for me to keep a straight face. I took him to Hell, and I sold his soul to the Devil to help pay for school, pugs, and shoes.

In Hell we went to Hell in a Handbasket, Screams Ice Cream, and ate lunch at the Dam Site Inn.

In Waterloo we went on a guided tour at the Waterloo Farm Museum. The people that ran the place were in awe that my last name is Waterloo. I thought it was weird and a little annoying, but I forget that my last name is not common and it's a famous war/Belgian City.

In Chelsea we walked around and ate at a bar called Cleary's. They have the sweet potato fries I adore, just like the ones at Seva in Ann Arbor.

I have a lot more photos of the kitschy little towns I visited that you can peek at. Are there any small kitsch towns that you have visited? I'd like to know, I love that kind of stuff.

<3 Jenni Loo

P.S. Someone just shared with me that the word of the day on Merrian-Webster.com is Waterloo.

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