24 June, 2010

First night in my new place

Not much for updates around here, eh? Well, I've been busy preparing for my move. I moved into my best friend's apartment for the Summer while he is off fulfilling his dreams in Seattle. His lease is up in mid-August, and my parents are actually letting me stay away from home. I work in Ann Arbor anyways, and it just makes sense for me to be here and get another job to save up money for school. I'm living alone in this decently sized, furnished, two bedroom two bathroom apartment. I'm pretty used to being by myself in Ann Arbor a few days at a time, but this is a different feeling.

It's an odd feeling I can say. There are some people here in this college town that I know, so I won't be by myself all the time. I guess this feeling is just independence. I'm going to have some real independence in my life. I, for once, can control what I want to do and not have my parents hover around. Speaking of my parents, I'm grateful that they are letting me experience this. I'm still sure they don't want to let me go, but I'm an adult and I have to act like one. But now this adult lives in a pretty bare and boring walled apartment.

I brought most of my art supplies to keep me busy and to help fill the place with colour, but I'm not entirely sure if I can put so many holes in the walls. I wish I could. I would hang all the artwork that I heart (on etsy) everywhere.

Summer by Nan Lawson

Tim Gunn by ohxcrap

Nostalgic Film by teaforbini

The Secret Is In The Beard by paperbullet - I actually plan to buy this print soon!

You and Me Print by bang bang you're thread

Leaf Nosed Bat Glass Plate by DecouDermy

Read Sign from recycled wood by William Dohman

Vintage Cameras Set of 4 by Susannah Tucker

Cat Eye Glasses Girl - Plaid Glasses by Danny Brito

Anywhere by The Wheatfield

I know, quite an eclectic selection, but I just know all of them would look great in this naked apartment. I'm trying to make it cute! I'm sure later I'll take pictures of the interior (though some are already on my flickr, but it was a boys' place then).

<3 Jenni

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