08 June, 2010

Oh my darlin', Clementine

Today I got to go on a real ride on my new bicycle. I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to go check out a bicycle in Garden City via Craigslist. Well, I went and it turned out to be just right for me. They were asking for $100, but I managed to get it for $75. Bryan helped me pick a name out for it and her name is Ole Clementine. She's healthy, but I still plan to take it to a bicycle shop to get it checked out if it'll need any fixes later down the road. It still needs a rear basket, but that'll happen in due time. I can now say over a year's worth of bicycle hunting is officially done!

When I brought it home I did take it on a spin around the neighborhood, but I really wouldn't count that as a ride. I haven't been able to ride it because it's been POURING like crazy the past few days. The weather seemed nice today so I was able to leave the house to run a couple errands, and I felt completely free. I went to the post office to deliver some homemade treasures to my friend Janet and Shannon/Giggly Mama. After the post office I decided to ride to Michaels to pick up some supplies and check if they had any sales. After Michaels I went next door to Petco to check out the kitties, and next door to that I went to Old Navy to check out their shorts. I rode Ole Clem back home. Overall, it was about 2-3 mile trip. It was a great ride and I felt really invigorated once I got home. My derriere did experience some pain. The seat is pretty hard, but I have a cushion that can be put on it.

I managed to pick up the wrong set of batteries for my camera at Michaels. So I guess I have an excuse to ride Ole Clem tomorrow. Though, the weather man tells me that it's going to be ugly out. Supposedly it's not going to rain, but any forecast isn't trusted in Michigan. I'll just have to ride fast!

<3 Jenni Loo

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