13 July, 2010

Another one of those days

I had some errands to run today, which forced me to go outside in the uncomfortably warm weather. The sky had a threatening going-to-rain-look on its face, but I went anyways. I wanted to get these tasks out of the way before I have company over tomorrow.

This is what I saw & experienced while accomplishing my duties.

A cat in the garden with its owner - acting like a dog (the cat. not the owner).
Street construction that seems to never end.
The postman chuckling at what I wrote and drew on the parcel. He covered one of the eyes of the monster I drew on the side of the box with tape. I was slightly distraught.
A bicycle that was altered to be really really tall, like a penny-farthing.
An outrageous price of $41.31 for a record that is by a band from the Czech Republic. Apparently the president of that country was in that band.
A public transit bus that was really really close to running over me when I had the right of way to cross.
Said threatening sky worsens its look just before I arrived to the apartment.

Oh, and by the way... The Baar Bazaar was a lot of fun! It was a very successful night for me. I won't share how much I've sold & made, but let's just say I have a lot of stock to replenish.

Sorry for the crummy out of focus-ness. It was pretty dark inside & difficult to get a good shot.

I saw a couple of friends there, which was really surprising. And I managed to crochet some more with my plarn rug project. It's still growing!

Don't mind the dirty floor. It was born that way.

<3 Jenni Loo

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