10 July, 2010

Hey Hey, Craft Saturday!

I thought I would do a little update on how the whole plarn crocheting project is going. Or should I say growing?

Since my last post about this project I had to stop because I ran out of bags, but this past weekend I took the train to visit my good ole photo buddy Nicole in Kalamazoo. That's where I celebrated Independence Day and I had a lot of fun playing games, going to a festival, and swimming, but not so much the sweating. It was really hot and humid. I like the heat, and I can handle it, but I sure hate sweating. Anywho, I managed to get some plastic bags from her collection and added more to my project.

I only managed to add a few more rows. This project seemed to inspire Nicole to start working with plarn. Either crochet with it, or use it to tease her cats.

Now I'm at my parents for this weekend and I took more bags to add to the ever growing project.

Maybe it's hard to determine the scale, but it is big as my head. Or more like the size of a medium sized cantaloupe. This bag is full of at least twenty-five plastic grocery sacks. I didn't count when I pulled a giant handful out of the pile my parents' hold. My sister helped me out with flattening them. Which was a huge time saver. It felt like forever and a half to cut up the bags and connect them together.

I think I'll bring it with me when I vend tonight at the Baar Bazaar. I feel incredibly lame for not advertising it that much, but that's where I'll be! It's a smaller event with 36 vendors and it's at a music venue/bar in Detroit! I'm told that people are more inclined to buy after midnight while intoxicated. Hm, we'll see! Cross your fingers for me!

Also, if you're in the Mitten area, there's another craft event happening in Yspilanti. If I weren't busy finishing up last minute treasures and organizing everything I would go to this show before I left for mine.

<3 Jenni


  1. Such a huge bit of crochet! looks super :D

  2. Thank you! It sure takes up a lot of grocery sacks, but that's less grocery sacks in the landfill.