18 July, 2010

You're a pretty sweet tee

So I think t-shirts are one of my favourite articles of clothing to wear, well aside from adorable sun dresses. I found some pretty dang sweet tees on etsy that I just wish I could own.

Fox on a Bike Gold Unisex Shirt by Dark Cycle Clothing - I am bound to get this shirt. It has one of my favourite animals and my mode of transportation. It should match Clementine just nice.

Raptor T-Shirt From Ghost World by Indigofeet - For one of my favourite graphic novels/films.

Amelie Tee by DCartesianos - Another favourite film

Boys pee pee when they see me Tee by Yokoo - I think it's completely silly, but it's completely awesome.

You Are What You Eat Women's Tee by Dressing On The Side - If that's the case then I'm a soy turkey burger.

Joyride T-Shirt Silver by APAK

Sweet Teeth by Cubist Literature

For the love of Flint by Slowshirts - Part of my teenage youth grew up in Flint Town

Pug Skeledog T-Shirt by Skeledog

Aren't tee shirts just plain ole awesome?

<3 Jenni

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