25 September, 2010

Portland, OR & Seattle, WA: Day Three - Four

We had a short stay in Portland. Bryan and I checked out a few shops, cafes, a bar, a sushi restaurant, and Powell's Books - the country's largest book store (I bought a feminist book and some Sublime Stitching patterns!). The day consisted of a lot of walking and not so much photo taking. Most of the photos I did take were donut related.

The Famous Voodoo Doughnut that has been seen on the Travel Channel & Food Network. This is the original location. The line was ├╝ber long.

"The magic is in the hole." Hardy har har.

"Good things come in pink boxes." Bryan took this photo, so of course it's out of focus.

The Voodoo Dozen. The one covered with Captain Crunch cereal is called the "Oh Captain. My Captain" and it was pretty dang delicious.

Day Four was spent in Seattle, and it's unfortunate that I really didn't take any photos.

On the drive back to Seattle. Sleater-Kinney is one of my favourite bands, so I was quite excited to see this sign!

Throughout the day we did make a visit to the Asian district. We also went to Pretty Parlor, which is a vintage and handmade clothing boutique. I bought a blouse/vest made out of old Pac Man sheets. We did other things, but I'm sure nobody is interested to know.

That night Bryan, his roommate Eric, and I went to a concert at some outdoor venue. The headliner was Vampire Weekend -- Bryan & I are not fans, and Eric never heard of 'em, so needless to say we bolted from the concert after the bands we wanted to see. The openers were Dum Dum Girls and Beach House. I thought the girls of Dum Dum Girls were hot and mysterious. I thought they were really great live, but I felt bad for them because the crowd wasn't into them. The crowd mostly consisted of high schoolers and families. Beach House had an IN-CRED-DIBLE live performance. I really didn't know what to expect because it's just laid back don't really have to think about it sort of music, but they were so incredibly energetic. Victoria is one hot lady.

I really wish I took photos at the concert, but I wasn't allowed to take my DSLR camera in. However I did smuggle it in because I didn't feel like walking back to the car. I guess that even though I had my camera I should have taken pictures, but there were drunk people there and I get extremely protective of my equipment in situations like that.

Anywho, just a few more pictures to show!

<3 Jenni Loo

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