26 September, 2010

Seattle, WA: Day Five

The last morning I spent in Seattle.

If you're wondering what neighborhood Bryan lives in is Capitol Hill. What an amazing view!

Look at those mountains!

And here's a terrible picture of the buds before I got shipped back to the midwest.

I really loved visiting Seattle. I was very impressed with the eco-friendly technologies and cleanliness of the city! The architecture was cool, the shops were great, such a diversity of people and fashion (very inspiring), and all the little dogs & dog parks always caught my eye. Some of my favourite stops in Seattle were: Plum (vegan restaurant), Molly Moon's Handmade Ice Cream Boutique (I had the most amazing peach & basil sorbet in a giant waffle cone! TWICE!), the tennis courts right next to Molly Moon's (in one court there was a giant dodgeball game and the other had a bicycle polo game), Sculpture Park & Elliott Bay, The Unicorn Bar (I got a ginormous (not exaggerating) veggie unicorn dog), Pretty Parlor (vintage & handmade clothing boutique), and of course the outdoor venue (I forget the name) where I saw Dum Dum Girls and Beach House perform.

I'm sure I'll see Bryan next when he comes to visit for the holidays, but who knows when I'll go back to the west coast. It was really lovely.

I have a ton more photos of my trip if you're curious to see.

<3 Jenni

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