12 November, 2010

I hate self-sabotage...

I haven't been crafting much, nor have I updated this much. I've been busy with school (so many photography deadlines!) and work. I got a new job at the mall down the road from my house. I work at Urban Outfitters, and I very much don't care for retail, but can I just say working a job that doesn't require a uniform is TOTALY AWEEEESEOME!

I have time to get stuff done, but I get too exhausted from school and work that I opt for the lazy thing. I let my lazy bones take over. I think I've been eating like crap lately and probably packed on some poundage, too. Can I just have two - three stress free days to get stuff done?

I'm supposed to be vending a craft fair in a few weeks and I haven't even had time to make new things! Sigh.

Anywho, I'm just squeezing in this update... in case anybody thought I was dead or abducted... or something.


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