23 November, 2010

I've been very overwhelmed with school and work! UGGGGGGGGH. I have so many final projects to do for my photography and arts & crafts classes, two craft fairs (one being this Saturday), Thanksgiving, and working at Urban Outfitters all the time (next is Black Friday) puts constraints on what I can and what I need to do. I still need to figure out what classes to sign up for next semester. I'm so overwhelmed that I almost cried on the drive to class this morning.

All I can do is make to-do lists to motivate myself to get work done, but I can't help it when I'm too exhausted to keep up. I realize that I am behind on blogging and even though I did that 15 day challenge, I haven't been able to post regularly. What I do plan to do this week is to show what I'm selling at the Flint Handmade Winter Craft Market this Saturday in Flint. Also, I believe I will be having a sale for my etsy shop, so watch out for that!

Anywho, that's that. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can balance school and work?

xo, Jenni

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