28 December, 2010

A New Do

The long awaited hair appointment is reaching its way. For everyone that doesn't know all ready, I have been growing my hair out to donate. The last serious haircut that I got was in 2008 and it was pretty short of a mop. I've been meaning to donate my hair back in August, but of course I was too nervous to, and also I was just busy with life & couldn't decide what hairstyle I wanted.

I couldn't tell you exactly how long my hair is, but it is to the small of my back. I haven't had my hair reach that point since I was a wee kid. Long hair is just a hassle to maintain and sometimes it can get boring to what styles I decide to put it in. I'm a very low maintenance kind of gal when it comes to hair. I, of course, have always taken the best care of it for years and I have a lot of pride in my hair, but I have no patience or inspiration when it comes to long hairstyles.

However, this past semester at my new school and photography classes I was feeling pretty inspired. I decided that I would keep my hair growing until I finished my self-given project of experimenting with my hair. Long hair did provide some trouble when sculpting and working with my hair. For the most part I styled all my hair by myself with very little assistance.

I have all but one photo shot for my hair experimentation project. The last photo will be shot tomorrow after my hair is cut.

Here's my first photo of the set:

Hair Experiment No. 1 Bird's Nest

Also, this is a sneak peak at what I've been doing at school. This one for sure is going in my portfolio. I'm sure I will post more soon, but, please, don't use my work without asking permission first!!!

xo, Jenni Loo

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  1. I loveeee the birds nest!! Very creative idea and reminds me a bit of Marie Antoinette!!! ;)