28 December, 2010

School's Out!

So the fall semester is over and I am really glad. I'm still trying to catch up on sleep that has been missed because of late nights with school work and work at Urban Outfitters. This semester has been filled with stress, anxiety, frustration, and a shit ton of work - most of which from my absolutely terrible arts & crafts class.

I'll definitely have to share some of my studio and advanced digital work. I'd show my work from my colour class, but I need to get to a scanner for that.

I'm enrolled two classes for next semester which will be quite easy, but I like having a lot of classes. I'm waiting for some of the classes to open up again so then I can just get the general education/easy classes out of the way so then I don't have to take them when I (hopefully) transfer to CCS in Detroit.

Feels Good to Get Some Work Done poster by Mary Kate McDevitt

I'll post some photos later.

xo Jenni

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