13 December, 2010


I woke up early this morning to a text message from one of my friends in my Monday morning class Advanced Digital Photography saying that we have a snow day. That is what I was dreading. I stayed up late working on a take home exam that's due today hoping to just turn it in and go straight to the darkroom to work on my final for Colour Photography (due tomorrow).

I don't necessarily mind that I'm missing my morning class, but I wish it was just morning classes cancelled. I still have a lot of final projects to get done! So today I'm going to be working on my papier-mâché beast project (due Wednesday!) and my studio and and and.... well, essentially it's a homework day, but I wouldn't mind sledding. I've been working non-stop these past few weeks. I can't wait for a real day off where I don't have to wake up early and take care of stuff.

I'll probably post a couple more times today when I take a much needed break from working with paste and newspaper. Ugh.

xo Jenni

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