31 January, 2011

Major Klutz

I feel ridiculous. I have a history of not being really respectful (not purposefully) towards my cell phone. It's not like I slam them to the ground (Okay I have chucked them in my car before), but most of the time they fall out of my pocket. Last night was no exception. I always forget which pair of jeans are good for pocketing my phone and, well, I wore the wrong jeans last night and my phone fell in a public toilet in a bar.

Okay, I know that's really disgusting and unsanitary. I'm no stranger to having my phone drop out of my pocket into a toilet (it's happened two previous times with two previous phones) so I didn't hesitate grabbing it. It was clean water! I guess that's the beauty of my history of dropping my phone in the toilet... it drops before I actually get to go. The thing is my phone is really expensive and my parents didn't get insurance on it, so now I'm stuck figuring out my phone situation, because either way I get screwed over by spending extra cash than I need to (I mean aside from replacing the phone.)

I've noticed that I'm not as graceful as I used to be... at least just with my hands. Sigh. What's a girl to do? I hope nobody is facing a silly predicament like I am. It's supposed to snow storm tomorrow and that pretty much guarantees me that I'll be snowed in. What will I do without a phone? I'm expecting calls/texts!

Oh, I don't know if anybody has noticed, but I did change the layout of my page. It's okay right? I think it will do for now.

much love, Jenni

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