01 February, 2011

Well, it's February 1st! I have my first business exam I should be studying for, but the idea of this supposed blizzard is distracting me. When I got out of bed I didn't see any change. My papa told me that it's supposed to start tonight at 10 pm and continue onto Wednesday until 10 pm. My business class is a night class and ends at 10 pm. I'm hoping this blizzard will come through and cancel class. All I want to do is sled or photograph snow fall, but right now it is still.

So I guess I have some time before all this sky fluff falls on us and I'll try to make another trip to the phone store and see what I can do with my toilet water ruined expensive phone. Also, instead of studying I could work on photos and on etsy too. Hmm, what's a girl to do? Obviously prepping for this exam is important, but there are so many more entertaining things to do.

What are you doing this day?

xo, Jenni

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