19 April, 2011

They'll see us waving from such great heights...

I'm just going to say it... I am still on my natural high from the Iron & Wine concert I attended Thursday night. It was such an amazing show packed full of people! Audience and performers, of course. Iron & Wine didn't start performing until a little after 9 o'clock. I waited all day to see him and I wish I could just see it again. My feet were super sore because I worked prior going to the concert, but it was well worth it. I went with my friend/coworker Taylor and she was just as excited as I was. This was a great way to start my birthday week of celebrating.

Taylor and I were a little late so we caught the last two songs of the opening band Low Anthem. Then it was Iron & Wine, and when Sam Beam walked out I thought all hell was going to break loose. He opened with one of my favourite songs "Boy with a Coin" and the encore song was another favourite song "Naked As We Came." What a great start and ending I say. There were eleven performers including Sam on stage -- two female backing vocals, keyboardist, two percussionists, bassist, guitar/mandolin/banjo player, saxophone, trumpeter, and flutist. After the show ended Taylor and I looked for the best spot to find Sam, so then I could show him my embroidered portrait that I finished that day after work.

It was a very chilly out, and windy might I add. There were only about seven people, myself and Taylor included waiting for Sam to come out for a potential autograph. The cold was almost unbearable and I felt so bad for Taylor because she was wearing a short dress and had exposed legs. We huddled together until I got fed up and decided to run for my car and park it across the street. This was a decision I brought up a couple times but those waiting in line with us said, "By the time you leave he will come out." I had to run. I ran all the way to my car down the street a couple of blocks in heels no less. The sharp cold air made it hard to breathe and I had a cramp in my thigh, but I kept running just so I wouldn't miss Mister Beam.

By the time I got back people left, and I felt bad because they waited for so long for nothing. Taylor and I waited in my warm car. We went to get snacks to kill some time, and about five to ten minutes later after eating Sam popped out from the venue. Taylor bolted out and I felt a little abandoned, but she did that because once he was on the bus he probably wouldn't have gotten off.

There were three of us that greeted him before getting on the bus. Taylor was the first to get an autograph in her journal. Next was a guy that had some photos and an album. Last was me and in that moment I was embarrassed to meet him. He told me "Oh Jenni don't be embarrassed, show me," and so I showed him the embroidered portrait. I can't even describe his facial expression. It was pretty clear that he was in awe, and so I explained to him why I embroidered it. He knew what the text was in reference to and that made me really happy that he remembered the festival that I mentioned.

"I want to live in your beard, Sam Beam."

The festival I speak of was recorded by NPR, and I listened to the episode with Iron & Wine performing. At one point of the performance a woman shouted out "I want to lick your beard!" and I misheard her as "I want to live in your beard." The funny thing is Sam thought the same thing! I told him that I was going to have it hanging up on my wall and just talk to him whenever I felt like it. That made him laugh. Well, we got a photo taken with him, and a hug goodbye. Did I mention that he wished me a Happy Birthday? He was the first to say it so that made me really happy. I did forget to ask him to sign my Iron & Wine tote that I bought at the show, but that's okay. It was the portrait I stitched that I wanted to show him. I'm pretty sure that if Sam can remember what that woman said at the festival he will remember me. How often does a person embroider your face?

I really hope to see Iron & Wine perform again! This concert and meeting Sam is probably my favourite moment this year, and it's making my birthday awesome. I just hope the rest of my festivities can keep up with awesomeness!


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  1. I'm super jealous. I'm hoping I can make it to the Milwaukee show in June. Just need someone to go with me.