18 February, 2010

Mp3 Experiment

I can't stop thinking of warm weather and wearing fewer layers. Here's a really fun video of "The Mp3 Experiment" that took place in New York City by ImprovEverywhere. Basically, people download a specific mp3, are told instructions about when and where to meet, listen to the mp3 at the exact same time, and act out whatever it is they are told to do. Don't worry, they're not told to terrorize and burn villages. It's really funny and entertaining. I'd like to try this some time, especially in the summer!

The Mp3 Experiment III: The Search For Steve from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo.

<3 J.Loo


  1. Oh my gosh. I cannot wait to wear less layers. I mean I love layers, but the other day I went out without my coat and it was lovely!!!

  2. Yeah, I love how it's already starting to feel like spring. When I walked out of work today, I was just wearing my sweatshirt and everything just felt perfect. I didn't have to turn the heat on in mah car. :]