14 April, 2010

One More Week

Another update that no-one particularly cares is that my birthday is one week away. I don't really know why I'm so excited for it. Perhaps it's because I'm reaching a milestone in my life? Well, to celebrate my one week away birthday, my papa and I sold my car for scrap.

I didn't say it was going to be a great celebration. Not everyone knows, but my car, Hannibal the Beefeater, was the coolest and toughest car I've ever owned. Granted, I only owned two cars in the almost three years I've had my license, but I know that he was one of the best vehicles that will be in my life. He was tough, full of character and quirk, and he was only a little younger than I am.

When I first had Hannibal, he was one of those loud junky looking cars that you shake your head at when they drive past you. He has given me some trouble a few times, but that's who he was. He was tough and he didn't take crap from anybody. He ate the road and other cars.

Back in Summer 2008 when I had a tire blow out.

I know this is stupid, but I took some photos before I had to drive him to the scrap yard. I didn't get emotional, but I was pretty bummed when I had to take all of my treasures out.

Marzipan the Vulpix and Ollie the Fox

Kitty No-Legs and Devendra - both McD's Happy Meal Toys


Erik Estrada Blues Enchalada

One of the most fun concerts I've ever went to.

I won't forget that one time I found Hannibal's soulmate by parking next to it at a restaurant. It was the same model, but it was red with black interior with a rack. Clearly it was a lady car! Or that one time when I mistaken another car that looked exactly like my car (it had the same weird dents and rust) but with bullet holes and I freaked out. When I had that tire blowout on a hot day and then 3 hours later a flat tire on the other side. All those times I drove to Ann Arbor for work during the summer with the windows down and Jay Reatard or King Khan blasting. I could go on and on. Oh memories.

I really did love that car even though he gave me a lot of trouble, the heat/ac didn't work well, didn't have any power locks (a safety feature I really wished he had), the stupid CD player that never worked, and the trunk door with the broken hydraulics that only stayed open as it rested on top of my head. Sigh. It was just the right size and fit for me.

Yeah, it's okay. Go ahead. Ignore this post. I had to get this off my chest.

<3 J.Loo


  1. When did you get rid of Hannibal?? :( I know when I FINALLY get around to getting my new car that I'll be sad to see it go.


  2. I got rid of him yesterday....after lunch time. :(

  3. weird, but i feel the same way about my stupid little car that conked out after only two months in summer '07. my little volvo boat is still sitting my mom's driveway. i should take your lead and scrap it, but it's really hard to let things like that go...

    i sound crazy, BUT SERIOUSLY.

  4. Yeah, I mean, it feels like it'll take a lifetime to find another car that seems to be just right like our dear favourite.