18 April, 2010

Yesterday I managed to take a trip to Ferndale to visit Handmade Detroit's Craft Revival Fair. I took my younger sister and a friend of hers. The craft fair was very cute, intimate, and inspiring.

It was hosted at The Loving Touch. Yeah, funny name right? Before going, I was a little worrisome and confused because of the name of the venue. I thought it was either a "dirty" lingerie store or some stripper joint. It's actually a bar and pool table lounge. I probably should have taken a camera with me, but I know I would have been more occupied looking at everything (which I was).

I managed to purchase a few things, like a tote bag that is on my 21 Things list and some buttons. The girls also got some cute buttons.

I plan to use this tote bag to hold my laptop since I'm using that new purse I thrifted. I'm really tempted to cross-stitch the bag. Should I?

The black button is actually upcycled from an old record by Reware Vintage. I haven't tried to see if my record player can read it yet, but I will soon! The other cute buttons are by Barrel Of Monkeys. She had a ton of cute buttons and it was so hard to choose, so you should really check out her etsy shop.

I think this pug button is my favourite out all of the ones I bought from Barrel Of Monkeys. Turns out that the pug on the button is her pug, and his name is Buddha. She showed me some pictures of him and he's a cutie. I hope that one day I can rescue a black pug for myself.

Now I'm pretty excited for the next craft fair I'm going to, which is actually the one I'll be vending at. I have some more things that I have to finish, but sometimes I can't help but think that I need more motivation. Or perhaps it's a little more money to help me get a couple more supplies. I'm sure I'll get some money for my ever approaching birthday.

<3 J.Loo

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