20 May, 2010

I kind of feel awful for only posting music, etsy, and inspiration related posts lately. I haven't done any real updates on my life. I don't intend to update on myself often, but I'm sure the internet world is a little clueless about me now. I guess in a way I've been pretty lazy. Ho hum.

As of lately, all I do is go to work on weekends and then spend my weekdays trying to search for a vintage bicycle, work on crafts, and plan what I can do for the upcoming weeks. Nothing great is coming up, and I'm trying to change that. I don't have a car, and my dad finally got a new job. So I don't have a vehicle to use for running errands, and I'm stuck at home all day with the dogs.

Making new treasures is not difficult, but photographing for etsy seems to be a pain in the caboose. I'm a photography student that wants nothing to do with my camera. Kind of mental, right? I did manage to photograph the new things I have sewed, and items I already had made for the craft fair from the beginning of the month. I will update my etsy soon (it'll be a huge update) and have a separate post for that.

So, consider this a photo dump of what has happened recently.

On May 6th Bryan and I went to the Fredrik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. It was something that has been on our list of things to do for a long time. I've never been and I was a little excited to go, but mostly hesitant to go to a place of doom. That day I had to buy some strong medicine for my allergies. It's the one medicine I can say that actually works for me, and my body doesn't build up an immunity to it. Thank you Zyrtec D.

Frederik Meijer Gardens Entrance

Glass House
Here are the green houses, and then there were the grounds. The gardens have a large variety of plants in a large amount of space.
Living Rock
Who knew there were living rocks?

Yours truly.
Vines inside of the exotic/butterfly green house -- also the largest of the green houses.

Bryan with The American Horse
Bryan with Leonardo da Vinci's Horse: The American Horse by Nina Akamu. The bronze sculpture is 24 feet tall.

This guy hissed at me while I tried to pet its shell.

My theory is that these glass (or plastic?) sculptures are supposed to look like garbage. I have a lot more photos of all the plants and glass + metal sculptures at the gardens.

Also on the same day we went to Holland to check out the Tulip Festival. Neither of us had visited Holland before, and it was a bit of a downer. I know I had high expectations of what the town would look like. I wanted fields of tulips and windmills everywhere.

Tulip Time in Holland, MI
Pink patch of tulips.
Tulip Time in Holland, MI
Red Patch of tulips.
Tulip Time in Holland, MI
A two-for-one deal.
Windmill at Tulip Time in Holland, MI
The only windmill we found in the town. Also, it was tiny. Wah wah.

Berkley with one of his more "innocent" moments.

the solution
A wall piece I embroidered for a friend. She's trading me one of her prints with this cutie.

I've been sewing on the dining room table now that my dad is working again. The dogs drive me crazy, but at least I'm not lonely and freezing in the basement.

Anywho, my life hasn't been thrilling. Once the rains go away and the weather is warm, I'll try to be more exciting. Especially when I find me a bicycle. Goodness. What do you do when you're in a lazy mood/stuck in the muck?

<3 Jenni Loo


  1. i have my fingers crossed you'll find a great bike soon! if i didn't live on a hill i'd get out there and look for one too, i'm way too lazy for riding up hills. :)

  2. I completely understand. I hate riding uphill too, but just think of the fun of riding down hill! You could always walk it up. My last house was on a hill and that's what I had to do. A little embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as me trying to peddle up. :]