21 May, 2010

Sometimes I forget about Spoonflower

I forget about the option of using Spoonflower.com to obtain fabric. The only time I ever bought fabric was when I worked at Joann Fabrics, and whenever I manage to find some at thrift stores. I wish to buy the Japanese fabrics, vintage inspired, and quirky prints.

I really don't need more fabric until I use up what I have. I'm trying really hard to use the fabrics that I really don't like anymore. When I go through my collection I think "What was I thinking?" or "I thought this was cute at one point, but how am I going to use it?" and I guess in a way it demotivates me.

So this is my plan, if I can use up (or trade) the fabric I have and not entirely in love with anymore, then I can reward myself with new fun fabric. Here are a few that I particularly liked:

Retro Glasses Frames
fruit and veggie madness
mushroom and forest friends

There are so many more prints that I absolute adore, but this would be one LONG post. I know I have a tendency to pick out novelty fabric. If I managed to get these fabrics I could make fun pillows, or maybe I can get around to make my first quilt. Though, when I am able to spoil myself with new fabric I should probably pick out some not-so-conflicting fun fabric to pair with.

<3 J.Loo


  1. I'm a new follower - Hello :-)

  2. Hello, thank you for following. :]

  3. these fabrics are precious! I LOVE the glasses one. That's so rad that you can create your own fabric!

  4. Oh yeah, the glasses and the gnomes definitely have to be my favourites of the faves. I wish I could wear some of those glasses!