14 May, 2010

My Current Obsession: The Silent Years

I'm not sure if a lot of people have heard of The Silent Years. They're actually a local band from Detroit. I believe they're expanding from the Midwest, and if they're not they ought to be! The first time I ever saw or heard of The Silent Years was on my eighteenth birthday. They were opening for my friends' band at St. Andrew's music venue in Detroit. If I remember correctly, they decorated the stage and it was covered with vines, flowers, and unicorns. I had never listened to them before the show and I was really amazed with their set. I've seen The Silent Years perform a couple times after that show. I've even got the chance to meet the lead singer, Josh, a separate time when I was having dinner with my musician friends from the show on my eighteenth birthday. I remember that day because that's when I got my license and drove to Detroit to see my friends perform.

I haven't seen TSY since then and I planned to, but it never worked out. I imagine that they are much larger since I've seen them last perform a few years ago. I mean, they're touring with their third or fourth album. I think one of their best aspects is that they consider themselves a DIY band. They make their own artwork for album covers and merch, made their own website, and music videos.

This song that I'm obsessing over is from their third album - The Globe. At first this song may seem a little random and perhaps "off," but the song gets catchy and so infectious by the end of it. I've listened to the song at least a dozen times on repeat right now. I'm hoping that you will like it. The video is not a real music video, and also it has the wrong cover album on it - the one showing is the second + self-titled album.

Here is what my current obsession happens to be at this moment:

"Black Hole" The Silent Years

Enjoy. (:

<3 J.Loo

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