12 May, 2010

I Love You: Magical Feeling

I thought I'd try something new to inspire everyone with something I love. A different theme each time. Is that okay? Let's just try.

I Love You Magical Feeling. I love an experience where I feel like anything + everything is possible. I love being reminded of my innocence + child-like heart. I love being able to see real magic.

I'd really like to know who took this photograph.

This is literally a magical photo.

I remember the confetti cannons when I saw Sigur Ros. I need to know who took this photo, as well.

I would love to walk through this tunnel. Also, who took this photo?

Hello, Pancake Man.

Fairytale Tent

I hope this inspires you in some way. Artistically or perhaps trying something different in your life.

<3 Jenni Loo

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