29 June, 2010

Cupcakes Galore

This morning I received an email in appreciation of one of my handmade treasures. It even included pictures. I was quite excited and it put a big ol' smile on my face. Here's the email:

"...I just had to let you know what a tremendously satisfied customer of From J.Loo to You I am!

This evening my friend Gretchen and I went miniature golfing in order to give the Cupcakes Galore handbag a test drive. Afterward, I took this photograph of her, and, by the looks of things, she is quite pleased with her new accessory -- so much so that she had to shut her eyes in contemplation of its magical power:

You will also notice that, in addition to toting the adorably stylish and stylishly adorable handbag, she is also wearing upon her head the ribbon you used to wrap the package, which was a gift in itself. A closer look:

Here she is checking out the ceramic behind of a medieval trumpeter. Judging by her sassy posture and facial expression, it would seem that your bags produce a bit of a 'tude in those who carry them:

Here she is in front of a tiny rollercoaster, which guided her ball for a hole-in-one just moments earlier (no doubt as a direct consequence of the bag). Low photo quality, high Cupcakes Galore handbag quality:

The star of the show:

So, thanks again for your superb work, Jenni! You’ve made Gretchen and me the two most contented little cupcakes in the whole world.

Happy wishes,

Now isn't that awfully sweet? I kind of miss the little bag, and even sewing it together....well, except the handles. Those weren't fun. :}

<3 Jenni

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