30 June, 2010

So what do I do?

Tomorrow will mark my first full week of being on my own. I'm surprised that I'm doing okay thus far. I will admit last Friday I did have an entirely weird feeling that over took me and it did make me want to be home with my family. It wasn't being homesick, it was just that I didn't feel like that I belong in Ann Arbor. Which is weird considering I work here and I've been here almost every weekend for the past two years. It went away the following Saturday when I went to work and felt like I had a satisfying + purposeful day.

I haven't obtained a second job yet, but I'm still holding my hopes up for an eclectic shop called Acme. I've even talked with people at the museum I work at. I'm sure that if I can't find a job elsewhere, the museum will give me even more hours outside of my weekend position. In between waiting for calls from potential employers I ride Ole Clementine everywhere, cook homemade healthy meals for myself, and craft.

I have been sewing but my sewing machine was being a bully today, so I decided to take a break from it and tackle a project that I've been meaning to start. I have been crocheting with.....Plarn! Plastic yarn made out of plastic grocery bags.

I made a grapefruit sized ball of plarn with 15 bags or so. I sort of lost count as I was cutting the bags into pieces. Like I mentioned, I've been wanting to try this project out, but what does one do with all that plarn? Well, how about a plarn rug for the kitchen that can sit in front of the sink? Perfect, I say!

So I stitched 55 chains, and double crocheted four rows before I ran out of plarn. Sigh. Now it has to be put on hold until some friends or my family visits me and brings me more grocery sacks. It's not hard at all to make plarn, and there's even a video tutorial to show you how to make it.

I posted this video back in October when I first started learning how to crochet. It's easy to make the plarn, but actually crocheting it is a little tricky. USE A BIG CROCHET NEEDLE. I only have two and I managed okay with my size K needle.

Are there any new projects you plan to take on or already started? Do you think you would try the plarn route?

<3 J.Loo


  1. Thanks for your comments.
    I was actually in Waterloo here in Ontario!

    I have no idea how to crochet but I've always wanted to learn. It's one of those things that I just put off all the time because it just looks too complicated.

    I am working on a little project right now, it also involves re-using plastic!

  2. Well, I should have known.. There's Waterloos everywhere! I really would like to go to the Waterloo in Belgium though.

    I was standoffish about crocheting too. It took me a while to find some good video tutorials to show me how, but as soon as I found one I made so many different things.

    What's your project?

  3. That's so cool - what a great way to put all of those plastic bags to use! I need to learn how to crochet - I attempted to try it out a few years ago but gave up. I keep finding cute crocheting patterns I want to try so maybe I will give it another go soon. :)