27 December, 2010

What has happened...

So I feel like I should share what has happened this past month before I start to forget!

The Winter Fling...A Craft Thing craft fair that I vended at on the 11th. I did not sell as much as I had hoped, but there were two other craft fairs going on that same day. I did meet new crafters, had some delicious tea, won the raffle for the craft vendors, had a wonderful time, and I even taught Melissa Crook of Purple Elephant how to knit! Many people stopped by and many were photographers! The whole event was exciting and the venue AJ's Music Cafe was a really interesting spot! It even holds a world record and is in the Ripley's & World Record books. I didn't really get to take any photos because my camera needs to be fixed, but like I mentioned there were a lot of photographers there and I was grateful.

Here are all the crafters that vended. Try to find Shannon that set up the whole thing by herself. She's the one stickin' out like a sore thumb...heh heh.. Get it? Because we're all sticking our thumbs up. Try and find me.

photo by Amy Wilson

I shared a booth with Jason Gibner of Gibnerd. Check out his artwork in person sometime, I really don't think his shop does him any justice. He's really talented and funny! Remind me to purchase one of his paintings of Abraham Lincoln. I really want it.

photos by Amy Wilson

photo by Mike Han

So like I said, I wasn't doing so hot in the selling department, and so I was a little down in the dumps. But towards the end of the craft fair they announced the winner of the raffle and my name was announced. At first I was like "Huh?" because it was quite hard to hear the announcement, but then I thought "Well, hot dog! That makes my day better." The prize was from craftygangsta, and it was filled with a Crafty tee, mouse pad, pencils, temporary tattoos, the song "Crafty" on a cd, and a year subscription to ReadyMade magazine. Cool, huh?

I share more on what has happened this past month on my next post!

xo Jenni

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